Meanwhile the choice of Database Access Provider as the choice of Database itself is the application basis, which influences on efficiency, development rate, and even on the project success. The Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver will convert the length value into a precision value, but in this case it would not be a 10, but an 18, this being the maximum precision that could be stored in the field. For the complete list of compatible tools and environments visit the Compatibility page. If this is the case, create a separate DSN with this option set for use only with Access. Restricts a database connection to read-only access.

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If you are calling an Executable procedure, enable Execute Proc check the attribute or set it to odbc interbase.

We are grateful to Easysoft for supplying a great solution that helped us odbc interbase our bit database. They let writing SQL queries, which were compatible with the majority of databases. Attributes which are logical odbc interbase can contain either 0 to set to off or 1 to set to on and are displayed as ” 0 1 “.

Download ODBC Driver for InterBase

odbc interbase And for those integbase odbc interbase do not support the use of a schema, a NULL should be returned in those fields. This is achieved by pausing the transaction within any secondary application until the active transaction within a primary application has finished and then executing that secondary transaction.

This option allows the driver to be configured to use the conversion that Microsoft Access expects.


The called procedure does not return a result set. Sometimes they consider these technologies to be the same. Thank you for subscribing odbc interbase our monthly digest!

It may return data ldbc at least one of the procedure arguments has been defined as odbc interbase output parameter into which values can be placed. Using IBProvider without registration in Win. Code samples for beginers.

InterBase ODBC Driver

The InterBase server is installed on the same machine as the InterBase client. Execute Proc allows applications to call either type of procedure odbc interbase using odbc interbase standard ODBC escape sequence.

The entry will look something like the following. This option allows the behavior to be altered, such that the ODBC driver reports a odbc interbase that is the maximum possible precision that could be stored in the field, overriding the actual stored precision.

For details of the other attributes that can be set in odbc.

The client process uses a network protocol to connect to a server process, which then connects to the server database, so avoiding many problems with permissions encountered when connecting odbc interbase a local database. InterBase quick start InterBase for beginners. However in some cases, odbc interbase the value in the database exceeds this precision, the application will report an pdbc.

Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver User Guide – Configuration

System data sources created in the bit ODBC Administrator are only visible odbc interbase bit applications. OLE DB providers may work not odbc interbase with relational database but with any other information that can be a table. The database name passed to the InterBase Connect function. Login or create an account to post a review. Been using your drivers for many years now and we are impressed with the quality and price of them.


Restricts a database connection to read-only access. Causes the database connection odbc interbase use a different default isolation method for transactions.

Interbase ODBC Driver (32/64 bit) – Visual Studio Marketplace

NET Providers in exchange. Net Framework for their new projects.

By default, the Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver will also act in this manner, but selecting this attribute will return an error message reporting the update conflict. Descriptive text which may be retrieved by certain applications to onterbase the data source. The technology let working with databases via ODBC drivers, its development ended in odbc interbase This option prevents the odbc interbase from using the conversion odbc interbase by the Operating System, but instead to use a simple conversion that will allow non UTF-8 data to be correctly converted to UCS Every operation with InterBase becomes significantly faster using such capabilities of our driver as Local odbc interbase caching, connection pooling, query optimization and much more.