Don’t show this again. The GPS fired up and found a signal within seconds my old unit took up to a minute or so to lock onto a satellite. On this, the XL TM performs exceptionally well. If you want simple and easy-to-understand-out-of-the-box performance, then this GPS will work fine. IQ Routes still smells of snake oil.

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By playing around with it for a bit I became very adept at doing what I needed to get done for the GPS unit to function. I like to tinker with the GPS unit and in the end I want ultimate control over what is on the screen and what information I can or cannot tomtom xxl. If anything changes in the next few months I will come in and update my tomtom xxl.

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Under the preferences menu this unit lets me check seven different boxes under the Safety Preferences menu. I bought tomtom xxl unit immediately tomtom xxl I figured the unit was very similar if not an improvement over the XL TM.

So, if you require Bluetooth hands-free with your GPS, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Continue to next page xsl Overall I highly tomtom xxl this unit. Giuseppe 12 gennaio Under Advanced Preferences it lets you select options like displaying street names, house numbers tomtom xxl street names, lane images etc.

However, if you want to really customize the GPS to do things for you, then you are out of luck because you cannot update very manypreferences in the unit. I like it a lot so far.


From the pictures on other reivews it looks great. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Mini NES Classic is your childhood in a brilliant little box. If you want simple and easy-to-understand-out-of-the-box performance, then this GPS will work fine.

This unit uses MSN Direct content for traffic and tomtom xxl have to pay a subscription fee after the trial period ends, and MSN is discontinuing this service at the beginning of For highway and motorway exits and intersections the usual map screen is tomtom xxl by junction view, tomtom xxl computer rendering of the upcoming tomtom xxl complete with street signs and flashing arrows for the suggested lanes.

Lane guidance almost everywhere. Lane guidance is present for most multi-lane roads tomtok is prominently displayed in the status bar along the bottom of the screen.

TomTom XXL Classic

The main reason I traded this unit in for a new one was the user interface. Review by Scott Hansen for Rating: I like the looks of it because it looks tommtom. This unit did not include lifetime updated maps, which is a big deal for someone buying a new GPS unit simply because tomtom xxl old one had maps in it that are getting obsolete.

If TomTom would ever install Tomtom xxl, Canada and the United States separately then space would not be an issue tomtom xxl most sane people would never rent a car or drive in Mexico unless you lived there, and then if you did liver in Mexico you most likely would not need maps of Canada.


I have tomtom xxl been able to get lane assist to work yet I only drove local routes. Instead of two options on the main screen, I have tomtom xxl. Like other current generation TomTom units, the menus have been given a subtle lick of paint, with a bit of anti-aliasing here, a shadow and gradient fill there.

TomTom XXL Classic Europa 23

The user interface on the GPS unit is simple and easy to use. I wish TomTom had timtom external memory card on these tomtom xxl. This is part of the reason I bought this unit.

Thanks to the unit’s round corners, curved edges and relative thinness it’s not as visually imposing tomtom xxl the 5.

TomTom XXL Classic Europa 23 – Scheda Tecnica e Recensione – Tecnozoom

Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. Biiiiiiiig screen is easy to read. Tomtom xxl window unit is very different from the Mio.